Thursday, September 8, 2011

This is why I'm making THIS blog...

So I had another blog, but it was mostly World of Warcraft related...and while I do play WoW a lot it's not my entire life and I think to be able to blog about a video game REALLY well, you have to make it your entire life.  So I scrapped that.
I'm now making this blog, which could include some stories about WoW, but mostly will be inanities that I have pop into my head and my many, MANY complaints.  I hope the people of the internet are as amused by me as my friends are...although my stories could be funnier in person, what with the flailing hand movements and sound effects I include.  But nonetheless, I will share them here, and see what becomes of it.

There were two conversations that took place that caused me to actually make this blog though, one of them was when I was telling my boyfriend a story, and he started laughing and said "You should edit this conversation and post it on a blog!"... I'll have to remember that conversation to make a post out of sometime.

The second conversation was with my friend who shall be known as C.  I had decided after my conversation with my boyfriend that I wanted to make a new blog, but I couldn't think up a name.  So I asked C. for help! After he came up with the AWESOME name "A chair through a window" I decided to go with that, then our conversation went something like this:

me - No one will probably ever read it, but it can be an outlet for me I guess.

C - Having an outlet is good, keeps your head from going 'splodey

me -  So only people who are prone to psychotic episodes of throwing chairs through windows need blogs?

C - Hah, sure!

me - You know I'm gonna blog this conversation right? :-D
         This will be my "why I made a blog" post

C - lovely

Mwahaha! Told you I was gonna blog it!

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