Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Maybe It DOES Make A Difference?

Today, a woman sent me a message on facebook, about this dog.
She basically asked me if I could keep sharing the pic, because she's trying to save him.

This had an effect on me, because I had actually given up sharing dogs on my main profile and have been using a dummy one for the majority.  I have been doing this because of some snarky comments from some of my personal friends, and a lack of the animals I post (I post all kinds, not just dogs) being shared by my facebook friends in general.
So rather than be ridiculed by my real friends...some friends, huh?  I've been posting animals to my fake account with a name I made up that has over a thousand friends, and I have no idea how that happened so don't ask.

So when this woman messaged me and ended her message with "thanks for all you do" I was really heart-warmed.  I didn't think anyone noticed I did anything.

It may not be much, what I do, spamming my friends newsfeeds with homeless animals and tagging every rescue I know in the posts...but it's all I can do, for now, and it's better than nothing.  I don't know that any animal has been saved as a direct result of my efforts...but when an animal I have networked does get taken up by a rescue or gets adopted by someone, it's a really good feeling.

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