Friday, October 28, 2011

Update On The Toothless Dog...

Remember that toothless dog I posted about a while back?

Well good news!  She's been saved! 

OK so I guess she wasn't really toothless but she doesn't have much to work with is my understanding.  I'm personally VERY happy that a rescue organization stepped in and took her out, they've raised WAY more money then asked for (there are good people in the world....who knew?!) and now she gets to be taken care of and shown some much needed love.

I will forever feel a certain amount of shame for having to share the title of "Human Being" with people who hurt animals....particularly to the extend that this poor dog has suffered.  But I am glad to share that same title with the people who are taking care of Annie now at the Ark Animal Rescue, and the people who donated money for her care.

Apparently, good people still exist!  They seem to be a rare breed but I guess they're out there.

Friday, October 21, 2011

And Now To Completely Geek Out

Today is Blizzcon!
For anyone who doesn't know, this is a two day event in Anaheim, California, that is specifically run by one gaming company, Blizzard.  Blizzard makes video games, and their current games are World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Starcraft 2, and Diablo 3.

They have many games they've made in the past as well, and I've been a fan of Blizzard for a long time.  Last year, my boyfriend and two of his friends and I, went to Blizzcon!  It was amazing, but there was about a quarter of a million people there and I felt guilty for leaving our dog with boyfriend's parents, so this year we didn't go, so I opted for a "virtual ticket" which means I get to stream the whole event and watch it all on my computer!

This means I get to be antisocial AND lazy!  Yay!  Plus my dog doesn't have to suffer from separation anxiety, and while she isn't destructive, I love her and don't want her to be sad, so that's a plus too. :-)

World of Warcraft is the main Blizzard game I play, I've played it since the original release was still in beta, and while I've taken breaks here and there, I've basically been playing the game pretty steadily for six years.  We're getting towards the end of the third expansion, Cataclysm, which brought a TON of changes to the game and basically turned the game into an almost entirely different game.  It's been out since last December, and I'm starting to feel a bit fatigued.  I'm working on getting my fourth character to level 85, which is usually what I do when I've done most everything on my "main" characters and have run out of excuses to avoid leveling it.  So hearing about a NEW expansion is very exciting!

So now we've just been informed the new expansion will be called Mists of Pandaria!  Which is introducing a new race...Pandaren!  Now, unlike all the other races that have come before, the Pandaren are a neutral race, meaning that they are friendly to everyone, until level 10, where you pick which faction you are going to be, Horde or Alliance.
They are also adding a new class, the Monk!  This class looks really awesome, it's a leather armor wearing, martial arts based class.  They can be a tank (which is called Brewmaster, ftw!) a healer or a dps.  Most races can be a monk!  Just goblins and worgen can't be monks.  Now I'm STILL upset that as a horde, I can't be a Worgen.  Why oh WHY?! couldn't the worgen have been a neutral race?!  They are SO cool!  It's so not fair.  I like the Goblins, but come ON!  Werewolves?!  Seriously it's just not fair!
Ah well, spilt milk I guess.

Another thing I'm very excited about with this expansion is the Pet Battle System.  As an avid pet collector in WoW, this is going to provide me with endless hours of entertainment long after I'm tired of leveling, pvping, questing, doing dailies, running heroics....etc etc etc.  It's like Pokemon!  Gotta catch em all!  Hahaha!

So yeah, I'm pretty excited about all this new stuff.

And of COURSE I signed up for the annual pass that will allow me to not only play Diablo 3 for free, although I'm not sure how it'll work if I want the collector's... It will let me get into the Mists of Pandaria beta!

So yeah, this year's Blizzcon became chock-full of AWESOME within the first hour.

Good job Blizzard!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who Wants a Pit Bull!?

If you want a big dog because you don't want to have a sissy dog like a chihuahua or a pomeranian (looking at the men here) BUT you are aware that a big dog can maul your face off... which will require the help of leeches to reattach...apparently. Then BOY do I have the dog for you!

She has no teeth!

This is of course, incredibly horrible.  This a result of horrible abuse...her teeth were filed down, she's incredibly fearful, it's pretty much certain that she was a bait dog, and horribly abused by people as well as being attacked by fighting dogs.

BUT!  This can be turned into a GREAT pet!

It would take some work, of course.  You'd have to do quite a bit of rehabilitation, and she'd be on soft food for the rest of her life, but come on!  She doesn't have teeth!  That means she can't A. eat your cat B. eat your child and C. eat your face.  Now, I personally love pit bulls and do not think any particular pit bull is more likely to maul your face off than say, your friendly golden retriever.
OTHER people, however, do think that a pit bull would do that and well, it's cruel and horrible to file a dog's teeth down or pull them out so it's less dangerous.  But our poor doggie here really needs to be cared for, and I am trying to take a bad thing, the dog has no teeth.... and make it a good thing!  She doesn't have teeth!  You could spoon feed her baby food and put her in a baby pink bib!  It would be the CUTEST THING EVER!

Just look at that face!
She's so sad!
She wants to be spoon fed baby food!

Note: Other information on the story about the golden retriever is that he got pissed off at a 24 year old in the house and attacked him, the other people tried to pull the dog off, he turned and attacked them as well.  It ended up taking FOUR people to get the dog contained in the garden.  That's one pissed of goldie.  I have tried and tried to find out, but do not know what ended up happening to that dog.

Edit: I believe the golden retriever dog is doing ok and has been given a second chance. :-)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Dog Meat Trade Sucks

I'm signing petitions!
Specifically, petitions against the dog meat trade in South Korea. (Warning: disturbing images, click link at own NOT get mad at me if you click that link and cry for many hours, I warned you, OK?)

Basically, there are some countries that slaughter and butcher dogs, and cats, for food.
Now, to say this is "wrong" in a moral sense would be a bit hypocritical of most people.  I myself don't eat most meats, I'll eat seafood, and some poultry, but I don't eat other types of meat.  IF I have an option of not eating any meat at all, I generally do take that option.

BUT, this post isn't about whether or not it's wrong to eat meat... this post is about why these people in South Korea are the biggest assholes on the planet for the way that these dogs are being TREATED.  The point ISN'T about eating them, it's about treating them well during the lives that they do have.
I like to think that most animals in America that are bred for slaughter are treated humanely from the time they're born to the time they're killed.  I know that their lives aren't great... but as far as I know, our animals are generally treated a lot better than the poor dogs in the ominous link above.  I am aware of extreme cases of abuse to livestock in the US, but this is usually done by individuals.  I haven't heard of abuse at such a large scale in the United States except for perhaps puppy mills.  But even then...I don't know.... if you are brave enough to click that link, and you have extensive knowledge of our slaughter houses and puppy mills, then let me know what you think.  I personally think that's pretty damn bad.  It should be noted here that I am purposely comparing the situations for our livestock vs. their dog meat trade because these dogs are livestock to them.  I'm sure some people there do treat dogs very nicely and keep them as pets.  We have people here in the US who keeps cows, pigs and other things as pets too.  But we're talking on general terms here,  thus I'm comparing American livestock to South Korea's dog meat trade.

Over 2 million dogs are brutally killed in South Korea every year, and are raised in what I can only describe as HELL.  The conditions these poor souls are raised in are disgusting, unhealthy, and horrible.  I don't actually understand how human beings can stomach eating an animal that is raised in such a horrible and disgusting environment.  I doubt that can be healthy for the people.  But, what do I know, I'm not a sanitary environment official here.

The thing about dogs is they are very social, very domesticated animals.  They love people, even dogs that don't like people in general love their owner.  It saddens me deeply to see the animal that human beings are probably the most bonded with as a species overall treated this way.  It would upset me if it was cows, or horses, etc.  But dogs?  It just hits me pretty hard, and I find it heartbreaking.  Honestly, how can you call yourself a human being and then turn around and do this to man's best friend?!

If you are interested in signing the petitions that are out to try to put a stop to this, I will link to them below.

Note: I do not have more information on this than what is linked here, I knew about the dog meat trade in China and Thailand, this is the first time I saw anything about it in South Korea.  I imagine it's quite prevalent in a lot of countries but it seems to be an underground practice.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stupid Rip-Off Websites...

So I received the Coach purse I ordered from this questionable looking site.  I really should have known better but I guess you just have to live and learn right?  The purse I received looks NOTHING like what is in the picture there.

It looks like this:

Again....NOT what I ordered!

So I guess I need to call China, and argue with them, and tell them to take this back and give me my money back because this isn't want I wanted.  So far, I've sent a complaint through their contact me thing on their site, and emailed them, with no responses.  There's no phone number on the site but there is one on the shipping label to the packaging the purse came in.
I would avoid if I were you.  Sigh.
I only wanted to get a deal, I originally thought this was some re-seller that buys the purses then resells them, like how people do on ebay.  But apparently this same company has another site that is dedicated to "replicas".  So...yeah...  I'm also pretty sure that the purse I received is a counterfeit or "replica" and I suppose in the future I'll just pay more to get an actual coach purse instead of trying to find a deal.

Although the whole reason I went to that site was it was the ONLY site claiming to have this specific purse in stock.

So if anyone knows where I can get this authentic Coach purse, let me know, since doesn't have it in stock anymore.  Sigh
I should probably give up on this.
I doubt I will tho.... giving up isn't really in my nature.  ;-)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Coffee!

I just found three starbucks gift cards in my wallet.... and TWO of them have balances!!!

I have $15 to spend at starbucks!!!!!!

For anyone who doesn't know, I LOVE starbucks!  White chocolate mocha is the drink my boyfriend got me the first time we went to starbucks together...and I've been hooked ever since.  Drinking one just puts me in a happy place!  This could be that coffee may help to prevent depression in women... 
and therefore could be called happy juice!  Except I don't like juice.... so yay happy coffee!
I think that anytime you buy a coffee they should make a happy face in the froth or whipped cream on the top of it.  :-D

Don't ask why I randomly have these gift cards.... I've actually had them a while, and had assumed they were empty, and just never threw them away.  Then I suddenly thought yesterday "You know, I'm not 100% sure that those really ARE empty. I should check!"
So I did.
Two of them had money!  Yay!

The Hunt for a Coach Purse...

That I can afford!
I don't know what it is....everywhere I go...someone has a Coach purse!  And now.... I want one....
So I saw this REALLY pretty pink and silver Coach tote on and I'm like, it's $200!  I can't afford that!  But then it went off sale and I was REALLY sad because I WANTED IT and then boyfriend was like "awww... you shoulda let me get it for you." Why didn' t you say that sooner?!  Note: I don't actually want him to get it for me, it's like a random weird personal goal I developed all of a sudden to get myself one.  But if all else fails I suppose I'll ask for one for Christmas.  :-)

And so..... the hunt began....

For days I scoured the web!  But I found no websites that had this item in stock.
So I finally consulted THE EBAY!
And I found it!
But it's still rather expensive.  So then I scoured the web some more!  While doing so I discovered it also came in a satchel version and I LOVE  it....but this one I can't even find for sale on ebay!
So sad....
So then I decided maybe I should just buy one from the outlet store...but couldn't find one there that I liked.
I ended up going to their website and finding a poppy mini-satchel in a camelia, or something, color.  Basically it's like a pink coral color.  I love pink so I was like, oooooh!
If you haven't noticed by now I have the attention span of a gnat on coke then you must ALSO have the attention span of a gnat on coke!

So when I decided to buy that particular mini-satchel in that color... it went out of stock from Coach's website.
Again with the web scouring!....
And I found it again!
Now, you would think that after the surprising amount of time I spent searching the web for this purse, finding it for $80 dollars in stock on some website would be jackpot!  But no, I still had hesitations.  I'm poor.  I don't want to explain just how poor I am.  But let's just say $80 is a significant amount for me to spend on something silly like this ($50 would be much more acceptable!).  So I waited a day to see if I was going to be continuing to work at my current job through the next month.  You see, I'm contracted, and I don't know these things until the last day on occasion... which I hate, but whatever.  So when I find out I AM getting an extension on my contract (yay!) I see the purse has gone to it's original $190 and is no longer on sale.
After a whole day of non-stop bitching about it I checked it again due to obsession and lo and was on sale again!!!
So I bought it!
After putting in all my info I got some sort of error and received no confirmation email.
My account was charged, however.  So I put in an inquiry to see if I was going to get it or if I needed to dispute the charge.  They say don't dispute!  We will send!  So I said ok...can I get a tracking number?  And....nothing.
I'm giving it a couple of weeks before I start raising serious hell.  But at this point I'm starting to think I'm not meant to even have a Coach purse...or maybe I should just get the original one that I REALLY wanted, the pink and silver tote I saw on, from ebay.
OR I could go throw a chair through the Coach outlet store's window because I'm pretty sure that will make me feel better about all the trouble that this brand is causing me.
Oh, and get arrested, it'll probably also get me arrested.
But at least I'll feel better!