Friday, October 28, 2011

Update On The Toothless Dog...

Remember that toothless dog I posted about a while back?

Well good news!  She's been saved! 

OK so I guess she wasn't really toothless but she doesn't have much to work with is my understanding.  I'm personally VERY happy that a rescue organization stepped in and took her out, they've raised WAY more money then asked for (there are good people in the world....who knew?!) and now she gets to be taken care of and shown some much needed love.

I will forever feel a certain amount of shame for having to share the title of "Human Being" with people who hurt animals....particularly to the extend that this poor dog has suffered.  But I am glad to share that same title with the people who are taking care of Annie now at the Ark Animal Rescue, and the people who donated money for her care.

Apparently, good people still exist!  They seem to be a rare breed but I guess they're out there.

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