Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You Got Your Dog's Ears Cropped...Really? You're A Big, Giant Asshole

So one day I'm walking with my dog, Ophelia, and I see a man taking what appears to be a small black mouth cur and mastiff mix puppy outside to tinkle.  The puppy seems very sweet and friendly, wanting nothing more than to give me and my dog lots of kisses.  I was struck immediately by the cone around his neck, though, and I asked what happened without looking the pup over carefully, he was cute, I was just looking into his big eyes!  The man says he'd had his ears cropped that day.  -_-

As the rage boiled up inside me I weighed my options...

1. I could tell the man he's a big, giant asshole and list all the reasons why ear cropping is ridiculous and stupid in the loudest and rudest way possible. (This was the one I WANTED to do.)
2. I could calmly tell the man why ear cropping is useless, and mean, and that he should NEVER do that to a poor innocent dog again.
3. Or not say anything except "oh" and go blow up on facebook about it later.

I went with option 3.  Because I could tell by the man's unfriendly demeanor and impatience that telling him he's a big, giant asshole would mean I didn't get to pet the puppy anymore, but more importantly, it wouldn't mean a damn thing to him, and he'd just tell me to mind my own business.  Sometimes you have to pick your fights, and when you can tell the person just isn't going to listen, there's really no point, and you'd be wasting your breath.
So when I got home I made a rant on facebook and my friends agree...that guy IS, a big, giant asshole.  :-)

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