Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stupid Rip-Off Websites...

So I received the Coach purse I ordered from this questionable looking site.  I really should have known better but I guess you just have to live and learn right?  The purse I received looks NOTHING like what is in the picture there.

It looks like this:

Again....NOT what I ordered!

So I guess I need to call China, and argue with them, and tell them to take this back and give me my money back because this isn't want I wanted.  So far, I've sent a complaint through their contact me thing on their site, and emailed them, with no responses.  There's no phone number on the site but there is one on the shipping label to the packaging the purse came in.
I would avoid if I were you.  Sigh.
I only wanted to get a deal, I originally thought this was some re-seller that buys the purses then resells them, like how people do on ebay.  But apparently this same company has another site that is dedicated to "replicas".  So...yeah...  I'm also pretty sure that the purse I received is a counterfeit or "replica" and I suppose in the future I'll just pay more to get an actual coach purse instead of trying to find a deal.

Although the whole reason I went to that site was it was the ONLY site claiming to have this specific purse in stock.

So if anyone knows where I can get this authentic Coach purse, let me know, since doesn't have it in stock anymore.  Sigh
I should probably give up on this.
I doubt I will tho.... giving up isn't really in my nature.  ;-)

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