Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who Wants a Pit Bull!?

If you want a big dog because you don't want to have a sissy dog like a chihuahua or a pomeranian (looking at the men here) BUT you are aware that a big dog can maul your face off... which will require the help of leeches to reattach...apparently. Then BOY do I have the dog for you!

She has no teeth!

This is of course, incredibly horrible.  This a result of horrible abuse...her teeth were filed down, she's incredibly fearful, it's pretty much certain that she was a bait dog, and horribly abused by people as well as being attacked by fighting dogs.

BUT!  This can be turned into a GREAT pet!

It would take some work, of course.  You'd have to do quite a bit of rehabilitation, and she'd be on soft food for the rest of her life, but come on!  She doesn't have teeth!  That means she can't A. eat your cat B. eat your child and C. eat your face.  Now, I personally love pit bulls and do not think any particular pit bull is more likely to maul your face off than say, your friendly golden retriever.
OTHER people, however, do think that a pit bull would do that and well, it's cruel and horrible to file a dog's teeth down or pull them out so it's less dangerous.  But our poor doggie here really needs to be cared for, and I am trying to take a bad thing, the dog has no teeth.... and make it a good thing!  She doesn't have teeth!  You could spoon feed her baby food and put her in a baby pink bib!  It would be the CUTEST THING EVER!

Just look at that face!
She's so sad!
She wants to be spoon fed baby food!

Note: Other information on the story about the golden retriever is that he got pissed off at a 24 year old in the house and attacked him, the other people tried to pull the dog off, he turned and attacked them as well.  It ended up taking FOUR people to get the dog contained in the garden.  That's one pissed of goldie.  I have tried and tried to find out, but do not know what ended up happening to that dog.

Edit: I believe the golden retriever dog is doing ok and has been given a second chance. :-)

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