Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Hunt for a Coach Purse...

That I can afford!
I don't know what it is....everywhere I go...someone has a Coach purse!  And now.... I want one....
So I saw this REALLY pretty pink and silver Coach tote on and I'm like, it's $200!  I can't afford that!  But then it went off sale and I was REALLY sad because I WANTED IT and then boyfriend was like "awww... you shoulda let me get it for you." Why didn' t you say that sooner?!  Note: I don't actually want him to get it for me, it's like a random weird personal goal I developed all of a sudden to get myself one.  But if all else fails I suppose I'll ask for one for Christmas.  :-)

And so..... the hunt began....

For days I scoured the web!  But I found no websites that had this item in stock.
So I finally consulted THE EBAY!
And I found it!
But it's still rather expensive.  So then I scoured the web some more!  While doing so I discovered it also came in a satchel version and I LOVE  it....but this one I can't even find for sale on ebay!
So sad....
So then I decided maybe I should just buy one from the outlet store...but couldn't find one there that I liked.
I ended up going to their website and finding a poppy mini-satchel in a camelia, or something, color.  Basically it's like a pink coral color.  I love pink so I was like, oooooh!
If you haven't noticed by now I have the attention span of a gnat on coke then you must ALSO have the attention span of a gnat on coke!

So when I decided to buy that particular mini-satchel in that color... it went out of stock from Coach's website.
Again with the web scouring!....
And I found it again!
Now, you would think that after the surprising amount of time I spent searching the web for this purse, finding it for $80 dollars in stock on some website would be jackpot!  But no, I still had hesitations.  I'm poor.  I don't want to explain just how poor I am.  But let's just say $80 is a significant amount for me to spend on something silly like this ($50 would be much more acceptable!).  So I waited a day to see if I was going to be continuing to work at my current job through the next month.  You see, I'm contracted, and I don't know these things until the last day on occasion... which I hate, but whatever.  So when I find out I AM getting an extension on my contract (yay!) I see the purse has gone to it's original $190 and is no longer on sale.
After a whole day of non-stop bitching about it I checked it again due to obsession and lo and was on sale again!!!
So I bought it!
After putting in all my info I got some sort of error and received no confirmation email.
My account was charged, however.  So I put in an inquiry to see if I was going to get it or if I needed to dispute the charge.  They say don't dispute!  We will send!  So I said ok...can I get a tracking number?  And....nothing.
I'm giving it a couple of weeks before I start raising serious hell.  But at this point I'm starting to think I'm not meant to even have a Coach purse...or maybe I should just get the original one that I REALLY wanted, the pink and silver tote I saw on, from ebay.
OR I could go throw a chair through the Coach outlet store's window because I'm pretty sure that will make me feel better about all the trouble that this brand is causing me.
Oh, and get arrested, it'll probably also get me arrested.
But at least I'll feel better!

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