Sunday, November 6, 2011

Well At Least I Got My Money Back

After the episode of receiving the wrong purse, I tried many, many times to contact the "seller" of the purse, and they did not answer.  They didn't even TRY to answer!  So I ended up contacting the payment company, the middle man in this situation, who took my money.  They gave me a vague "contact us again if you don't hear from them in 2 days" answer, and when 2 days passed (I actually waited 3 thank-you-very-much) THEY did not answer me either.

Well, I would be very, VERY angry if it had been like, $200 or something like that, but it was $80, so I was annoyed, but I was managing it OK I think.....

I reported the company to for selling counterfeit items. *insert evil maniacal laugh here*

The Coach people said "wtf" and they are "investigating" the matter.  So I'm hoping to see that site go down...but other known sellers of counterfeits, like "" or whatever, are still up, so I don't have a ton of hope about bringing them down completely, but if I can annoy them (like they've annoyed me) then that's enough to make me feel better. :-)

Then I reported the matter to my bank, who asked me some questions, got the link to the website from me, etc.  They gave me my money back and now I'm happy!  I still have the ugly purse, and they told me to "keep it ready" in case they actually do get a response from the counterfeiters and I am able to send the purse back. My understanding is that this is unlikely.

In an interesting turn of events, after typing out the previous parts of this post, I just tried to go to and the "website has been moved to a different server" apparently.  Annoyed them?  I think I have! :-)

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